Peter Forsythe selling his various tie-dyed Grateful Dead inspired shirts at Woodstock 94.

We were on a Zoom call, late on a Saturday evening. He was streaming from an old church in upstate New York that he’d repaired and converted into his home. He panned the camera around to show a beautiful orange sunset over his house in the Catskill Mountains. The distant clucks of chickens cut through the scene, interrupting the otherwise serene environment with a lighthearted folksy tone.

“Just another peaceful evening with my chickens.” He said through a smile, turning the camera back to his face.

His name is Peter Forsythe. You wouldn’t know it from his calm demeanor and…

We arrived just before sunset. The clouds were beginning to roll in from the east, illuminating the western half of the sky in a bright orange that radiated from the setting sun. The drive was barren. 60 miles or so on an empty county road, followed by another 10-ish miles on an empty dirt road. There were very few other travelers, no cities, and no homes, save for a few scattered trailer homes in the empty desert.

The landscape is sterile. The only vegetation for miles is a seemingly boundless field of small shrubs, barely a foot high, that encompassed…

Nick Tusinski squares up against a shooter at the Longmont Ice Pavilion

It’s a freezing cold November night. The sky is dark and full of stars above Roosevelt Park. The trees in the park are decorated in colorful strings of Christmas lights that fill the empty grass field with a warm glow to contrast the cold temperature. A few scattered folks meander around the sidewalk outlining the park, walking dogs and catching some fresh air.

The usual quiet of the suburban night is interrupted by the sounds of skates cutting through ice, pucks shooting into the boards, and the cheers after goals are scored. It’s hockey season in Longmont.

The COVID-19 pandemic…


Image courtesy of Wikipedia, edited by Dylan Tusinski

The Bull Moose Party is something of a fun piece of trivia knowledge for politics buffs.

In 1912, there was a growing rip in the Republican Party, in which the progressive wing of the party (Yes, the Republicans used to be the progressives) accused President William Howard Taft of being too pro-business. After losing the party’s primary, Theodore Roosevelt decided to start his own, more progressive party — the Bull Moose Party.

The Bull Moose Party was shockingly well received for a third party. They finished second in the 1912 election, getting more votes than the Republican Party it…

This November, Americans will face an election unlike any other. Between healthcare, political polarization, the environment, and hundreds of other issues, this election seems to be pivotal in every way. I spoke with the chairmen of the Larimer County Democratic Party to discuss the upcoming election.

1: Healthcare is in play

Americans cite healthcare as one of their most important election issues. Two thirds of Americans who file for bankruptcy say healthcare costs played into it. It’s hard to understate the importance of healthcare when it comes to American politics, and every candidate has a different way of handling it.

2: Environmental policy

Art is telling.

I firmly believe that the most telling thing about a person is their art taste. What types of art they like, whether they like visual or performing art, whether they like Mark Rothko or not, those types of things.

One of the most important things that’s ever happened to me was my discovery of art.

I was on a date, one of my first dates with my ex-boyfriend. We had gone to the Denver Art Museum, and we’d figured it’d be a cute way to get to know each other better. …

dylan tusinski

hockey fan, hiker, political wannabe, and journalism student at colorado state university

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